Northern elevation of the GPLA refurbishment and extensions

Project Overview

St Clare of Assisi Primary School is located in Conder, ACT. The site sits between Lanyon Shopping Centre and Tuggeranong Hill and affords distant views of the Brindabella mountain range. The majority of  the school was built in the early 1990s however, over the years the growing population of Lanyon Valley has required the introduction of a number of demountable classrooms to cater for the increased volume of students. 

BER funding was provided for 8 new classrooms to enable the removal of two of these demountable structures from the northern side of the school. The brief also called for the new design to unify the school layout and increase street appeal while maintaining  flexibile and adaptable spaces to enable multi-modal learning environments.

Collard Clarke Jackson  designed the 8 new classrooms as two separately staged extensions and refurbishments of two of the existing learning units. This design effectively provided the school with 8 new and 8 refurbished  classrooms.  The extensions were formed to enable night venting of the buildings and orientated to maximise northern access and promote cross ventilation throughout the day. The spaces between the original classrooms and the new work were carefully considered to create a variety of supervised and independent learning opportunities as well as breakout, project and presentation spaces.  A large extendable area was located at the centre of each of these new learning units to allow for group assembly and external courtyards have been positioned along the north facade to facilitate external learning adjacent to the classrooms.