Street View

CCJ submitted this competition entry for a new laboratory building at the University of Canberra. We presented two options:

The proposed Laboratory Building aims to marry the strict requirements for servicing of laboratories with environmental requirements required to achieve a 5 star Green Star rating. Site orientation in this option is not ideal but does determine the approach in making the building work.

Option 1

The proposed twin wall building fabric forms a protective shell around the laboratory areas on the Eastern façade. This is important as the main heat load in summer will come from this side. The hollow façade will allow multiple servicing opportunities and form an air plenum serving the laboratory spaces. Displacement ventilation from the façade means a low flow and low energy system that can integrate with mechanically assisted natural ventilation. A central stack also allows fume cupboards individual ventilation within relying on make up ventilation from the room.

On the Western side the circulation protects the specialist areas from heat load and the glazed façade allows visible activity from building 3. To reduce glare and soften the façade sun shading and planting is provided which makes a green interstitial space.

Option 2

In this option the low scale nature of the structure means simpler systems to cope with thermal performance and service reticulation. It also provides access to views and light for building 3 and generally a more natural outlook.

Most spaces will have a mix of natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation except for PC2 areas. A green roof will provide a thermal buffer to the whole facility.