Eucalyptus Montessori

The New Montessori Early learning Center at Kambah has been designed as a learning environment for a total of 83 students ranging between the ages of 0-6 years.  Students are divided into 3 age groups according to Montessori values:

Nido :   Babies 0-15 months

IC :       Infant community 15-3 years

Casa:   Toddlers 3-6 years

The radial design of the overall building focuses on the outdoor landscaped play areas, thus emphasizing on the equal importance of outdoor learning along with the classrooms. These classrooms open up to the outdoors with large north facing openings, flooding the spaces with light.  Deep verandahs outside the classrooms provide a sheltered space for children to play and learn.

Learning areas/classrooms for each group have a specific colour scheme and incorporate spaces such as reading nooks, kitchen and craft nooks related to the specific activities to the particular group.  Materials and colour palette for the internal spaces has been carefully selected to create a friendly and inviting environment that compliments the Montessori values.

Outdoor play areas has been carefully landscaped to provide a variety of spatial and sensory experiences, creating an enriched external learning environment.