Florey Building Refurbishment – Australian National University

This recent adaptive reuse of the Florey Building provided an opportunity to pare back the original structure to incorporate daylight and natural ventilation strategies whilst highlighting the social heritage value of the building. The building was completely refurbished with a suite of anatomy & geology laboratories, as well as undergraduate and HDR teaching and student areas, academic offices, Deans’ suite & reception. The sensitive re-working of the building enabled the incorporation of modern facilities, breaking down the office culture without devaluing the structure’s heritage aspects, bringing new life to the building.

Material use was applied through a ‘less is more’ approach and much of the existing structure and inherent materials was maintained. Refurbished original furniture and artwork from the era of the building occupation then enhanced the overall appearance. Interpretive privacy frosting to glazed walls and lenticular photographic panels in the corridors add a social dimension to the occupation of the building.

It has received heritage awards from the RAIA and The National Trust.